High magnetic fields ?

Our team makes sure your equipment is safe

Our expertise in the reliability of equipment operating in magnetic fields is already well established. More than 100 pieces of equipment are currently operating with Fabconcept designed and manufactured shielding in the aluminum smelting sector.

  • M.F. intensity measurements on site and mapping
  • Component and system testing (in lab or on site) to identify operating thresholds
  • Components and systems Burn in (shielding and modifications)
  • Full equipment burn in(turnkey) / Vehicles / Forklifts / Platform lift / Sweepers / Etc…
  • Consulting & technical support to ensure a safe and efficient start-up of your projects
  • Level 1 to 3 electrical insulation for all types of mobile equipment

Vehicles, Forklifts, Hydraulic-Platforms, Shop-Vac, Etc…

Full equipment Burn in


If required, our team will visit the work environment to measure and map magnetic fields causing equipment malfunctions. Observation and/or equipment surveys are carried out to identify project feasibility and components at risk.

Design and manufacturing

Shields are custom-designed for each piece of equipment and for each of its failed components. 3D models are created and subjected to rigorous software simulations to recreate the magnetic fields survey in the working environment. Approved shields are then manufactured and installed by our team.


Burned-In equipment is tested in the working environment to detect any faults before it is put into operation.

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